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Dinan Free Flow Exhaust for BMW 1M E82

Dinan Free Flow Exhaust for BMW 1M E82

Product Code
$ 1,699.00

Product Description

Dinan's free flow exhaust for the 1 Series M is sporty, just as it should be. Improving exhaust flow and adding a great sporty sound that is aggressive under hard acceleration with less drone than stock. Improve performance by 6 horsepower and 5 ft-lbs of torque. 100% 20 gauge-304 stainless steel construction to resist corrosion for years to come. Built with exacting specifications to ensure that the system fits correctly using the factory hangers . Designed to provide maximum flow while keeping things civilized with the Hemholtz chamber design. The design features quad 3.25" ceramic black or polished stainless tips for a tasteful high performance look.

Benefits of the Dinan® Free Flow Exhaust:

+ Built specifically for the BMW 1 Series M
+ Less "drone" than stock
+ Enjoyably louder
+ Sportier Sound
+ 100% stainless steel construction
+ Bolt-on installation using high quality BMW OEM clamps
+ Quad 3.25" laser engraved exhaust tips
+ 6 HP @ 6600 RPM, 5 FT-LB @ 6600 RPM
+ Hemholtz chamber to remove drone
+ Tilger mount bracket to reduce vibration and improve longevity

Also Recommended:

Performance Engine Software (D900-30®, D900-30TMC): Dinan® Stage 2 Performance Engine Software safely increases turbo-boost pressure, along with properly retuned fuel mixtures, ignition timing and full map rescaling for your BMW 1M E82. Dinan’s software also removes the top speed governor so the BMW will be capable of achieving its natural top speed. Producing substantial increases in power output while maintaining the civility and reliability expected of a Dinan performance product. In an effort to more effectively control oil and water temperatures, the Dinan software actually increases water pump speeds as boost pressure increases. And as always, Dinan matches the new car warranty coverage for up to 4 years or 50,000 miles, including the possibility of consequential damages. No one offers better performance or backs it up with such comprehensive warranty coverage.

High Flow Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake (D760-0034):  Our cold air intake force feeds the 3 liter turbocharged inline 6 with greater volumes of cool, oxygen rich air for substantial power gains by utilizing our secondary carbon fiber intake. The system is so effective that the carbon fiber inlet air temperature is a full 40 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the incoming air from the stock inlet. Due to the increased airflow from our intake, the power-curve is extended into the higher RPM’s for a noticeable change. The system is a direct replacement for the factory air box lid, employing a hand-crafted carbon fiber unit that also includes a secondary carbon fiber intake tube that captures cool air from the lower grill and includes the shielding for the conical filter to insulate it from power robbing engine compartment heat.

Dinan® Performance Exhaust FAQ

Does a louder exhaust make more power?
Not necessarily. A freer flowing exhaust makes more power by removing friction in the exhaust system but how loud an exhaust is has to do with its packing material and or routing. It is possible for a loud exhaust to actually make less power than a stock exhaust. The best exhaust is the one that is the freest flowing and has a noise level that you enjoy.

What makes an exhaust "hummm" under light throttle?
This sound is commonly called "drone". It is caused by resonance in the exhaust system and can quickly give you a headache. Drone is the toughest characteristic to remove from an exhaust system. The use of a "hemholtz" chamber to work as a noise canceling device is a great option along with the use of butterfly valves when needed.

How are Dinan® exhausts made?
All Dinan exhausts are designed and hand built in California at the Dinan Headquarters. They are welded by hand using precise tools to ensue perfect fit. All are built from 20 gauge-304 stainless steel for strength and corrosion resistance.

Does the kind of steel used matter?
Yes. Your cars exhaust is subjected to the elements and other harsh conditions that occur under a car. The exhaust gets hit with gravel, salt, water, sand and whatever else is on the road. Using high quality stainless steel keeps corrosion at bay in this tough environment.


European Road and Racing is the sole authorized dealer for Dinan products in South Carolina. Please advise when ordering as you may have to order from a dealer near you.